This year- Days one hundred eighty four, five and six. (happy new year)
2010-01-01/3:54 a.m.

London Eye at Night

Ten years ago today I was in England with my dad and my sister visiting his mom and his sister and his uncle. We had driven from Cambridge to New Castle the day before and dad had promised that we'd be back well before midnight so that Sarah and I could go into London for the 2000 new year.

He is full of crap.

When the clock struck midnight Sarah and I were crammed in the back of an 85 Honda hatchback with his sister between us with a huge suitcase full of persian rugs on her lap, his mom praying in the passenger seat and dad driving. We were so mad and then he said "look, you can see London off in the distance" where some fireworks exploded while we simmered with rage.

Just to really rub it in he said later that we'd always remember what we were doing on the Y2K year because it was so shitty. Yeah, it was shitty.

He was right though, I won't forget it. Happy New Year, everyone!


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