This year- Day one hundred and eighty eight. (pink lemonade)
2010-01-03/7:52 p.m.

I don't do resolutions because I never thought they made any sense after like January 5th so I don't have any from last year to look back on to see how I've done etc...

2009 started great and ended like total ass. 2010 has begun unassumingly and I'm trying not to look into it much.

Kelly Lynn and I watched a bunch of Degrassi and then Baby Mama last night. Here's the difference between my life and Tina Fey's life in that movie- when I meet a cute guy working at the smoothie place he's living in his mom's basement and probably didn't go to college and he doesn't really like me. When she meets one he's an ex lawyer who owns the place and has a beautiful apartment and he's in love with her.

Yeah, the minor details.

I have sparkling lemonade in the refrigerator and I am going to drink it.


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