This year- Day one hundred and eighty nine. (ruminating)
2010-01-04/2:21 a.m.

One of the best parts of being at home was getting to meet Jeremy's little elfling "daughters." He hasn't married their mom yet but he spends most days with them and some days home schooling them so I think he basically counts at this point.

elizabeth would like to play spies.

How can you not love that little pink haired lady? The other one loves aqua more and they dyed their hair for fun since it was cold. Sounds good to me!

I know it has been rough on him since he hasn't found a job since he's been back (he's a lawyer for crying out loud) and since he hasn't passed the bar in KC and since he hadn't lived in KC since 1996 when he graduated from high school but he really does seem happy with these little ladies. They clearly love him a lot. His lady is lucky to have found such an awesome dude.

Johnny thinks I should get with Brandon because he's single now and then I could be Bain and Lillie's step-mom. I can't quite wrap my mind around Brandon being single but I already love those kids. It's tempting.... I'm only kidding.

A sign of getting older is that things like kids and marriage and divorce are now factors when I meet people or think about relationships. I now have to be particularly mindful of dudes wearing wedding bands. A guy hitting on a friend this year then said he was married and a guy flirting with me at Target was wearing a wedding band though he never mentioned a wife. Then! A guy hit on me all over a show and Mikki was all "he rules, marry him" when he dropped the "my wife loves this song" bomb. Seriously, that was dropped like 30 minutes into talking to him AFTER he gave me his email address.

And yet, the maturity level of my possible dudes has not really increased at all. Perplexing.

If you are the German student who loves Strike Anywhere and got my info after that in-store at generation- why haven't you ever emailed or anything? I think your name was Patrick. Is this like a terrible movie where the paper my info was on flew out of your hand as you left the store? Or did you just realize that I wasn't as awesome as you thought? Let's assume it's the former and I'll post on missed connections just like in the old movies.


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