This year- Day one hundred and ninety one. (Did You Hear About the Morgan's? It's Complicated)
2010-01-06/1:35 a.m.

Movie double feature with Jenni today. We are really smart so we went to Shake Shack first to get milkshakes to drink in the movie. Perfect!

The first movie was what looked terrible, but was actually so much worse- "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Firstly, Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker have absolutely zero chemistry. None. Nada. It was like watching a crappy person with horrible witchy crone hands (SJP) try to have chemistry with a persnickety grandmother (Hugh Grant). Ugh. Secondly, the writing is beyond bad. Here is an example of a "joke" in the movie:

US Marshall- "You're going to Ray, Wyoming."
Hugh Grant- "Is that anywhere near Phil, Wyoming?"

They laid on the annoying New Yorkers schtick thickly and you never got the impression that these two people ever liked each other or how long they were supposed to have been together for (a long time ago is all that is said about when they got married). It's just something vague and ultimately uninteresting. Sam Elliott got Jenni's attention and totally saved the movie for her since her cowboy grandpa lust kicked in. Granted, he was the only likable guy in the movie. Oh! And it's all situated atop a crazy murder of an international arms dealer that they kind of witness. A side plot was her assistant emasculating his bumbling assistant over and over until he falls in love with her. Aww?

It was one of the worst movies I've seen in years. I did get to point out SJP's crazy hands a bunch of times though, sorry Jenni.

Oooooh, you're welcome, friends! Try getting the image of those claws out of your brain!

Sarah Jessica Parker's Claws

Then it was "It's Complicated" which was a breath of fresh air in so many ways, even though it was bad in several ways.

It's Complicated

Firstly, these people actually had chemistry and secondly there were a few lines that actually had me crying from laughter. Thank goodness!

The kids in this movie were beyond terrible. The first time they were on screen Jenni said "I hate these people already." Amen. They only got worse from there. I liked Steve Martin in it but Jenni would be all "god, here comes this nerd again" when his scenes would start. She's mean!

Seriously though, if after 10 years your kids are still "getting over the divorce" you have whiney idiot children who need to grow the fuck up.

I wonder if Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin just talked about all their SNL appearances off camera the whole time. I loved when Alec Baldwin was hosting for the most times ever and Steve Martin tried to kill him during the cold open. Those guys crack me up and I love Meryl Streep so the movie was already up my alley. I also found it refreshing that they were all pretty much playing their own ages. Old people have sex too, y'all. And sometimes it's even hairy, gray templed, pervy faced Alex Baldwin sex.


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