This year- Day one hundred and ninety three. (mail)
2010-01-07/2:30 p.m.

Another package of mainly garbage from Mike. I guess he has ample money to spend on Fed-Exing. Sigh.

My favorite things in this package- his graduation cards from 2006. What?? An outstanding bill he was supposed to pay in 2006... I had to email him to remind him of that because I am guessing that he never did. What was the bill for? Hilariously it was for couple's counseling. And now, birthday cards from him. What would make him think I'd want these??

My favorite is from 2006:
"I know it's been hard moving in but I'm still happy you're here and I think being out here will be great. Love, Mike"

That same night, my birthday, he told me that he didn't know why I was there and that he never invited me and that I was ruining his life. Then he threw that card at me- how sweet.

And there is summed up the confusing year in contradictions I lived. Thanks for the memories...

Meanwhile, he never picked his stuff up from here and there are four big boxes in the closet that I guess I better send when I have a car next. There is real stuff in there- his books, dvds, tapes etc... but he's wasting his time mailing garbage.


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