This year- Day one hundred and ninety two.
2010-01-07/2:57 a.m.

I remembered a hilarious thing Jenni said yesterday. During the terrible movie she pointed out that SJP's hair looked great and then asked "it's a wig, right?"

Oh dang.

I didn't leave the house today but I actually got a lot done and even worked out. Small victories!

A year ago Kathleen and I were talking about how rusty our illustrator skills have gotten in the last five years and I attempted using it today and could remember NOTHING. I gave up and did our whole record cover in photoshop, which seemed dumb and inefficient but since I am good at photoshop it was my only real option. Kattybones and I were emailing back and forth about the design tonight and we resolved (again) to take an illustrator class when we are both in LA and have money again. Resolved. It must happen.

I also worked on the back cover, updated my resume, made new website pages and an online resume that I can now use for job searching and did some job search recon. I cooked dinner and worked out for thirty minutes. Going outside is overrated.

The other day I got an envelope in the mail from Mike. It had no note, some old papers, a photograph of my friend's daughter that was folded and ruined and some papers that were not mine. Basically, an envelope full of garbage. I was confused so I emailed him and asked what it was for. No reply.

A few minutes later it hit me- I bet he had just cleaned his apartment for the first time since I moved out and was sending me random things he found. Jeeeeez. That is gross. I can only imagine how much more creepy his serial killer lair had gotten in that time.


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