This year- Day two hundred and seven. (one of the good ones)
2010-01-22/12:49 a.m.

What is it about January 21st that is so lucky? I don't know but I really enjoyed the evening of events and offers.

I got home to band practice that was fun and productive. As that was happening my phone alerted me to missed calls. Missed calls from a job opportunity based solely on sending in my resume. Exciting! The interview would be Monday in Burbank though... hmmm. I told them I can do a call or a video chat if that would work (I have had to do that before and it worked out). She noted that and is getting back to me.

Then I check my email and there is one from someone I haven't worked with in a few years asking if I am available to start in the field on Monday. Hmmm, what city? Turns out it's LA because I got a call like 30 minutes later with dates and a rate etc... Exciting! I counter offered and am waiting to hear back. If it goes through I will be flying out of here on Sunday night most likely. It sounds like a fun show.

Then! My friend Mark comes online and asks if I want to go to the Poconos for the weekend to do a murder mystery party. FOR FREE. Free room and board. Ummm, heck yeah. Kelly Lynn was here so I emailed my friend to see if we could borrow her car and it looks good. The only thing now is whether or not this job comes through. If not, we are getting to the dang Poconos!

I also finished my re-watch of Veronica Mars season 1. It is even better than I remembered. Even knowing how it ends I was riveting and stressed and couldn't stop watching. It's too bad more people don't know the greatness of that show. I am doing my best to spread it's gospel. I really love that Veronica is smart and savvy and tough but also cries and gets hurt and can die and wants her daddy sometimes. She's a real human being in crazy and dangerous situations. Logan is also so well done. He goes from bratty teen, to on the brink of being a sociopath to being protective and sweet and trying so hard to grow up.

When I watch a show like that I think that I would never be able to write a show like that. I wish that I could but I don't think I have that kind of skill and attention to detail to weave a 48 episode arc. I am impressed that anyone can do that. With this re-watch I truly found the upside to my cable being out. I ordered season 2 from ebay and wish it was here already.

So, for the record, January 21st was a good day. It's too bad it's over now.


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