This year- Days two hundred and eight and nine. (murder mysteries)
2010-01-24/12:36 a.m.

The rate offered for that job was so low that I couldn't take it. A PA rate for a story job... yikes!

This meant the weekend could be spent on a murder mystery weekend in the Poconos! Heck yeah.

Kelly Lynn and I left at 7pm yesterday, borrowed Lisa's car (saw Howard and he's doing way better, he was howly and tail waggy) and hit the road. I am a sex addict who is in a home for the socially challenged. Kelly Lynn is the cross dressing son of an old starlet.

In the morning we find out who the murderer is before we head back to the city. Fun times. Mark gave us an awesome tour of town today- haunted old hotel? Check! Burned down playhouse? Check! Story about a man who burned down pizza places and then killed himself in prison? Check! This town has it all. We are taking tons of photos.


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