This year- Day two hundred and fourteen. (Writing)
2010-01-29/2:03 a.m.

A very awesome writing job fell out of the sky and into my lap this afternoon and then I spent all day and night working on it (only really coming up with three ideas, but they were three GOOD ideas so I like to think that that is okay).

Hopefully they like one and it gets chosen to be fleshed out tomorrow and then filmed over the weekend. I was particularly stressed because it's for one of my heroes and that is scary stuff. My grandma will also pee herself when I tell her. My grandma is who introduced me to the Golden Girls when I was young, after all.

If you're reading yesterday's entry and wondering if they were actually supposed to be college students, wonder no more, they were. They used "history test" and "studying for my exam" and "I have to write an essay" towards the end. Spoiler alert! Each of those things didn't occur because they chose to bone someone instead. I bet their GPAs are not looking good at Valley State this semester.

Kelley Q pointed out that my Thursdays have been great lately. She's right. I don't know what it is, but I am liking it!


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