This year- Day two hundred and fifteen. (holy crap)
2010-01-30/12:30 p.m.

I am so stressed out waiting to hear if my script was chosen that I played Bejeweled on the internet for an hour instead of thinking before I went to bed.

I did get out of the house and saw Adam's architect band at Bar Matchless though. He's such a good drummer. I assumed as much since he's the kind of dude who is good at everything he does, but I hadn't seen it before. He's one of those annoying drummers who doesn't sweat or look tired ever too- even when playing 8ths on the bass drum through a long roll part.

Afterwards I told him he never looked sweaty and he said "yeah, I never sweat." Must be nice.

It appears that my script is incredibly close to being chosen and filmed tomorrow. I am going to play more bejeweled so I don't bust at the seams.


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