This year- Days two hundred twenty four and five. (time warner)
2010-02-09/3:15 a.m.

Something like 9 Time Warner people have come to my apartment in the last 5 weeks and yet still, my internet and phone were both out for like 10 hours last night (to this morning) and two hours yesterday. I was going to post about the crazy homeless man who was trying to get into the building and my apartment, but who turned out to be a drunk young guy who was most likely wealthy but then I got annoyed with computer issues and fell asleep watching tv instead.

Seriously! Time Warner? Seriously? Does anything ever get fixed or credited to my account? Doesn't seem like it. Dealing with them has become my part time job and I told them that they owe me back pay... they claim I will have a big credit coming my way once things actually get fixed but I am dubious since it seems all they will have to do is keep not fixing it while I keep paying. What a weird system they have set up- when the service is crappy you pay but when it is fixed then you get it for free. What?!

I am attempting to tie up loose ends this week. A lifetime of loose ends has left like 5 open and I am dealing with them. From the heavy to the light, here we go. I even borrowed Lisa's car to make sure it's all covered. I put one thing off tonight but it's only Monday and the rest of the week remains (so I like to think).

There was a day last week with incredibly crisp light:
of course i was out with just my point and shoot.

And the werewolf moon, looking werewolf-y:
werewolf moon.

I really want one of the jobs I am up for. I want it more than any of the others and more than I want most things. I am crossing my fingers so hard right now.


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