This year- Days two hundred twenty six and seven. (loose ends)
2010-02-11/3:08 a.m.

Dang it! The internet was out last night and then four hours this morning. It's really cutting into my posting time... and into my wasting time online time. Damn you, Time Warner!

Yesterday Jenni came over and she helped me get the last of Mike's things the heck outta here. You see, he never got any of his stuff really. He said he couldn't handle it. Sharon and Eric did a big load once and then I had four boxes leftover (aside from the stuff I sold and gave away) that have been in the closet for like two years. Firstly, they were heavy and secondly the post office is like a mile away. I had a car and a friend and we got it done in like 30 minutes! Also, media mail saved me like 80 bucks. Hooray for dealing with unpleasant tasks!

Now my closet is all neat and tidy and I feel a tremendous weight has lifted.

Today I was supposed to have breakfast with Erika and go by the Chopped office but the snow hindered both things so those loose ends are still totally untied. The snow also meant that I didn't even attempt to go running. Snowy times are here indeed.


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