This year- Days two hundred twenty eight and nine. (so cow)
2010-02-13/1:54 a.m.

We played with so cow last night at the lanes and it was fun!

so cow

I highly recommend listening to them and buying their records if you like pop tunes. It was their first show on this US tour and not a lot of people were there (bad weather) but it was fun and relaxed. We bowled and I actually think they may have beaten us despite the fact that they had never bowled before. We let America down I guess.

I kept thinking I was messing up and that my guitar sounded terrible and weird. I apparently made all of that up and no one heard it but me. After like 4 songs (read: halfway through the set nearly) I got over it and tried to ignore it and have fun. Afterwards Danny told me that he thought it was great and I was all "oh, I was going to apologize." He also didn't hear what I was talking about. Then Brian in so cow used my amp on the same set up and he sounded great so then I couldn't deny my own insanity.

Our friend Chris was there doing sound and he kept making fun of me for hearing things. He was all "this guitar should sound like this through this amp" and I've been playing both that way for like 9 years and loving it. Yet! I totally heard something else last night. Maybe my brain is discombobulated.

Jenni and Kelly and Danny then got pretty tipsy while I drank water and prepared for the drive back. Slumber party happened and then Degrassi and breakfast today. It was a good day and the weekend hadn't even begun yet! I even got a parking space right outside that was easy to drive into (snow-wise). It was really smooth sailing it turned out.

Today is Howard's birthday and he is 10 years old. He's celebrating by sleeping in Sarah's flannel sheets I'd bet. I'm going to celebrate him later this weekend while he bellows.

Did I mention that Brian in so cow is cute? Well, he is. And he is Irish. And he plays a sweet danelectro that I love. Their drummer, who supposedly played his first show with this band ever last night, is also really excellent. They are on a 60 day tour so try to see them when they are in your town!

so cow


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