This year- Day two hundred and thirty. (valentine's day movie)
2010-02-14/2:31 a.m.

valentine's day the movie

Valentine's Day the movie... what can I say about it, really? Number one- that is the image I chose because I want that cardigan. Number two- it was longer than anything in the history of time. At one point I leaned over to Jenni and asked if it was four hours long and she said "it was 10:50 a long time ago" and the movie started at 9:20. On top of actually being long it also felt long because there were like eighty cruddy, half assed storylines to get through.

Adam said he watched something about the making of the movie about how they were excited to show every kind of relationship. I would argue that almost no kinds of relationships were shown. Most of the storylines were couples who just met or started dating or liked each other... and one had been married for 51 years and one was a child and his mom. Really? That covers every kind of relationship?

Julia Roberts and Bradley whatshisname probably filmed their parts for this movie in one day. Oh, SPOILER ALERT!!!! When the audience realizes that Bradley is gay and with McSteamy from tv, the audience at the theater nearly had a heart attack and screamed in unison. They don't even kiss at all and the movie even draws out the reveal for extra heart attack-y-ness.

I have never heard so many things about valentine's day in my life, apparently it's a magical 24 hour period where love is possible and magic can happen. Okay. I guess the movie just made that up and assumes that everyone agrees. There is a kid in it who is playing the exact same part as the kid in Love, Actually. Poor kid, that other kid was cuter. There is a cute boston terrier in the movie though who may not be one of the 25 people mentioned on the poster, but I will remember him much longer. The most magical thing about Valentine's Day in this movie is that there is no traffic on LA that day.

It was nice meeting Adam's new lady and nice to drink margaritas but that movie was a dud. I loved when some magical car driver was all "you must be really special..." a-la a mystical black lady and Adam and I both audibly groaned. We are friends.

Oh! If you see this movie you also have to endure like 5 scenes of Anne Hathaway doing very awkward and not at all believable phone sex. George Lopez probably got 5 minutes of screen time but all the good jokes, oddly enough.

The florist who is at the crux of everything is supposedly on Rosewood just down the street from where Reno lives. I am so sleepy.


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