This year- Day two hundred and thirty two. (angry venting)
2010-02-16/9:24 p.m.

angry venting!!

-On Saturday my super put an iron gate in front of our front door. I have no idea why and it's a pain in the ass. Now you exit the door, walk up three steps and have to open an iron gate to walk through.

- He never told us what was happening, suddenly loud drilling started happening on saturday morning with no warning or explanation.

- I got home from band practice tonight with my bag, my guitar and a bag of groceries and the iron gate is frozen shut. Completely immovable. I worked on hitting it for 10 minutes before i gave up, put my bags down in the water puddles (great) and called him to tell him. He was all "what do you want me to do about it? It's the simplest thing in the world" etc... and then hung up on me when I smashed my hand in the damned thing. He also thought I was leaving and then finally realized that I was outside in the cold and had been for a while.

- I continued trying to smash it and tried Larry at home but he was out. (Larry hilariously told me to call the super---- mistake!) I was taking things out of the garbage to hit the damned gate with.

- Super walks up all "look at the baby. the baby needs a babysitter." (seriously)

- He cant't get it with his hands either or doing what he told me so he walks around the building, picks up a cinderblock (covered in snow) brings it back and smashes it into the gate to open it.

- He's all "was that so hard?? What would you do if I wasn't around? I'm not your dad, you know."

- I told him that i was just trying to get inside and that I had my hands full of stuff and that i had now been outside for 20 minutes and had a smashed hand. I also pointed out that the gate shouldn't even be there and is dumb and in the way. What will everyone else do when they can't get in or out because it's frozen shut?

- He then implied that it's my fault that two crazy people have chosen this house to harass in the middle of the night/early morning. Both times it was a person I didn't know and had never seen before. He was all "Well, it never happened before..." I have lived here for nearly 6 years and it didn't happen in 5.5 of those years either.

- I was shocked that he was implying that and I said "yeah, i called the cops on both of those guys because they were trying to get in my windows- I didn't know them." (this gate won't stop anything like that either, it doesn't lock)

- He then went back to how I am a baby who can't take care of myself and who he has to do everything for.

The last time he fixed something for me was probably last summer. my toilet is broken now but i wasn't able to tell him before he made me feel like shit and walked away. i don't even feel like telling him now. Also, last summer he dripped spackle through my living room and ruined my futon cover and I didn't say anything to him because I was getting rid of it anyway. But still, if he did that to my current couch I'd be pissed.

So yeah, I'm feeling pretttttty good, you guys. Prettty, pretty good.


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