This year- Day two hundred and thirty five. (habits)
2010-02-19/4:32 a.m.

I saw a commercial for Lunesta that had like 20 straight seconds of side effects being listed- some of which were sleep driving and suicide. What the heck?! Also, memory loss. Why would anyone ever take lunesta? Is there no other medicine that helps people sleep? All medicine makes me sleep, and I naturally love sleep too much so I guess I don't know of the demand for this crazy medicine.

Why is skiing and shooting a gun called a "biathlon?" I have never understood several olympic events and that is a big one.

Johnny Weir is ice skating to music of thunder storms right now. I am awake at 430am watching it. I should take a nap because I have a lot I want to do tomorrow, including joining the prison-like cheapo gym by my apartment. It's scary and ugly but man is it cheap! I have decided that I will spend every day I am unemployed working out as some odd compulsion.

I have always envied people who do positive things when they're stressed and nervous. I do things like watch tv for 12 hours while playing puzzle games and eating donuts. Other people run five miles and shower all the time. I am going to attempt forcing better habits onto myself. Why not?

I had lunch with Erika today and it was awesome to see her. She looked very good and said she has been feeling better since the chemo (she does not have cancer) treatment. We had root beer floats and they were so so good. I love Erika.


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