This year- Day two hundred and thirty nine. (marshmallows)
2010-02-23/3:15 a.m.

Lost yet another soccer game tonight. It's getting ridiculous. The fact that I had no subs and had to play the whole time while the other team had excess subs was not helping.

We played at Death By Audio tonight and the show went well I think. I met this guy from Brasil who was super cool and very nice. He's only here for another week though but he says we should come to Brasil to play shows and so maybe we will see him again, haha! We didn't play the new songs that I spent the weekend practicing but hopefully that means they go better next show when we bust those out.

While I type this I am watching, appropriately enough, an Unwrapped about marshmallows. I've never eaten a sno-ball since I don't eat coconut and couldn't growing up. Maybe for the next show I will make marshmallow frosted cupcakes.

Whoa! Marshmallows don't appear to cook- they just puff up. Neat! The more you know...


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