This year- Day two hundred and forty three. (sweet valley high)
2010-02-27/5:04 p.m.

all night long

When I was 11 or 12 I was deep in my Sweet Valley High phase and checked the above book out at the library. My dad saw it sitting on a table later and was all "what are you reading?!" I knew that it looked dirty but the book really wasn't (as all Sweet Valley High books, it was more of a tease).

I was all "Sweet Valley High, I read these all the time." He didn't stop reading the back cover though.

Now that I am 30 I must say, jeez that guy looks like he does gay porn. I can't believe he was also supposed to be dating a 16 year old girl! What is he? 35? Go Jessica! You landed a 35 year old gay porn star. If only Sweet Valley High was that groundbreaking... as it were I think she fell asleep at his apartment by accident and was out all night. Something definitely snooze worthy. Then she dated some 16 year old in the next book I'm sure and we never heard about gay stache again.


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