This year- Days two hundred forty six and forty seven. (angry letter)
2010-03-02/5:56 p.m.

Dear friend,

When you were in need and I offered to loan you my car, it was no big deal. I was 3000 miles away and didn't need it and could easily add you to the insurance. You said you'd split the insurance, get the oil changed and then agreed to the 60k mile transmission thing that needed to be done. Great.

One month after you had the car, Johnny sends me a package of outstanding PARKING TICKETS that were sent to his house. All gotten while the car was in your care, and all tripled to quadrupled in price because you never paid them. I called you in a panic and you were all "I'm so so sorry, Crystal!" and I believed you. This was in October.

I sent the info for you to pay the tickets and you said no problem, it was taken care of. When I followed up you never answered.

Randomly and without warning, in January you texted me that you love me with no context. That was weird.

So... it's March now and I found out a few days ago that you still never paid those tickets and when I called you about it you never replied... I emailed before that and you never replied. I texted and you didn't reply. Your voicemail was all "I hope you're not too mad.." but the thing is, I am mad. Very mad. I don't live this way and I am already stressed out in my life- I don't need this on top of it. I don't need to be worried that my car will get a boot on it while I'm 3000 miles away.

I didn't call back because I knew I would be mean and I wanted to just tell you to take the car back to Kelley's and I knew that would make you mad so I was putting it off all day Sunday. Monday you called me.

Monday you called me to tell me that the car had been towed because of your negligence and that I had to get a copy of my license and license plate notarized and faxed to some police station in LA so you could get the car back. You also admitted that you never sent me a check or paid those old tickets.

I don't really know what to say but I already wanted my car back from you and felt totally uncomfortable with your having it so this was just the cherry on the crap sundae. I want it back now and you are all "but I need it tomorrow and tonight..." Why should I care?

You're mad that I haven't answered your calls today as though I was just sitting here, waiting for you to call to freeze you out. I have a life. I realize that you don't consider that important but I do have one and it takes priority over doing favors for you. Somewhere along the line you got the impression that doing favors for you was my top priority. But,well, it's not. When you ever do something for me, let me know and then maybe we'll talk.

I feel like I've either had a child or gotten a new shitty boyfriend but I don't recall either of these things happening so please stop acting like a child or a shitty boyfriend. Just drop the car off tonight and stop arguing with me.



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