This year- Day two hundred and forty nine. (Poopuck)
2010-03-05/4:20 a.m.

poopuck loves his daily judge judy.

Today was pretty, pretty great. Erika is doing really well and her dog was all lick, lick lick. He likes to lick stuff and chew on bones and he did both in spades. His other fave afternoon activity is to watch Judge Judy and judge the people on it- you can see him doing that above.

I got my errands done and my hair did (well, my bangs did) and met up with the ladies for Indian food good times. We ate that food. Oh yes, we did. Ate the shit out of it.

Then I get home and get a call that grandma is really sick and spending the night in the hospital and to stay tuned for updates throughout the night. Seriously life, stop being such a dick. Let things be good for more than 8 hour increments sometimes. It's cool, I'm ready for it.


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