This year- Day two hundred and fifty one. (Closer)
2010-03-07/5:05 a.m.


I finally watched "Closer." Yup, that's right, it's 2004 all over again in here.

I really liked it. It's funny because I thought it was about a strip club or strippers because of all the strip club stuff in the reviews and trailers but now I know there was only ONE strip club scene in the entire movie. ONE. Wow. People really got all up in arms about a "naked" Natalie Portman for no reason.

I never enjoy Julia Roberts much but I think she's best when she's playing a totally unlikable character which she is close to in this movie... and it kept me from just tuning her out completely. I loved that Clive Owen's character is just dirty and puts all of his emotions right out there on the forefront, even his pervy ones. Jude Law's character is one who is never happy enough when he is happy and it's so hard to watch. When he breaks Natalie Portman's heart it was so realistic and sad. Kudos to them but hard to watch for me.

Their chemistry is right on as soon as the movie starts and then he's all hotter and better and a novelist all due to her guidance but still... he's looking elsewhere. Guys! Stop doing that! Clive Owen was in stark contrast as a guy who is totally happy with what he has and will forgive most things because he loves her so much. Guess which one ends with a woman in the end- I'll give you one guess. The most unbelievable thing in the movie is the idea that if you meet a guy for random sex on the internet, he will look like Clive Owen and be wearing a three piece Paul Smith suit when he shows up. MISLEADING.

I found the ending heartbreaking and believable too. I remember at the time, hearing a lot of stuff about the movie but all that sticks out to me is bad stuff. I even thought the direction (by Mike Nichols) was excellent. Some really neat shots and all very fluid with the acting and emotion. I was hooked from the first scene.

Also, if your dream is to see Jude Law and Clive Owen have cyber sex (unknowingly) with each other- this is the movie for you! Why didn't they put that on the posters?


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