This year- Day two hundred and fifty five. (karma)
2010-03-11/4:09 a.m.

How do you cure a lifelong addiction to procrastination?

Earlier I watched a Law and Order about Japanese tourists called "Gaijin" that was so funny and weirdly racist (and not all against Japanese people!). What was that David Mamet movie that ended with a Japanese tourist punchline? That whole stereotype has really dwindled...

My laughing brought me karma though because the next episode was about persians. Doh! Karma acts so dang quickly.

At soccer on Monday I laughed at a guy falling because it was funny. Falling is usually funny! Then, like 5 minutes later, I had a bad fall. While I was falling though (it was one of those falls where you see it happening but you can't stop it and it feels like slow motion) I was thinking it was funny and that people should be laughing. Man, I am so generous!

Whoa! This law and order just had a maid call an adopted baby a "china-girl." Lordy.

I slept on the couch last night and woke up with two spider bites. I don't like that even one bit.


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