This year- Day two hundred and fifty eight. (Great times)
2010-03-14/1:13 p.m.


Tonight was a Marshmallows show at bar matchless in Williamsburg. It was annoying and rainy and gross and the frosting I made didn't turn out at all (despite 30 minutes of intense whisking... I am sore) so I had to run to c-town and just buy some frosting.

But the show ended up working out. The KFM arrived and played and the ran out to make it to the Chris Gethard show by midnight. We played and it was good but we should have played our two other songs that we did not play. We were in a hurry though because Kelly also had to run into the city. So many friends came out who had never seen us, and so many co-workers from Chopped came out.

I hung out with a bunch of people and then Pete and Karey and I were the last ones left. He grabbed a cab into the city, she tagged along and I took off to walk home. I heard my name being yelled down the street and then realized that Brian, Andy, Lauren and Tim had just left Enid's. We all walked home together while the rain had finally broken for a few minutes, while Brian and Andy danced with their umbrellas.

All in all, an excellent night. A night where I think "I really have a great life here." In the last four years I find that I have these nights just before I leave.

Most days I hate everything, but tonight I loved everything. A nice change of pace.


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