This Year- Day two hundred and sixty nine. (excellent evening)
2010-03-25/4:35 a.m.


Tonight was trivia night and karaoke at Sardo's and it was a blast. Everyone was really friendly and picking great songs and booing sports questions and complimenting performances. It was like an ideal bar outing. (the image above was found by googling the place and it makes me laugh)

There was a metal looking guy in a bandana and mohawk who sang "Welcome to the Jungle" awesomely and then when we were leaving he was smoking in the parking lot and was all "you ladies were great" and then told us to get home safely when we walked to our cars. It's just nice when people are nice.

Oh! I got a fortune cookie tonight that said "you have a reputation for being honest and straight forward." TRUE! Other Kelly pointed out that if you add "in bed" to that one it becomes mean though. Kelley's fortune foretold of mysterious romance and based on mine (which was totally true) we have to assume that hers is equally true. Maybe she's about to fall in love with the mohawk guy??

The meeting today went well. Meeting Olive on Monday also went well. She's a little person. Yup. Brandon was all "she's a baby, you're seeing her, not meeting her." He hates when people say they're meeting babies or dogs. I love humanizing dogs though so I use that all the time and drive him crazy. I told him Olive is nearly 11 months old so we may in fact share ideas. The main ideas I shared with her was that she couldn't have any milkshake and that she couldn't put her fingers in the wall socket.

which tastes better- camera or water straw?
gimme that.


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