This year- Days two hundred seventy two and three. (GO SAILOR!)
2010-03-29/4:56 a.m.

Today was an epic day. A day of tennis and frozen yogurt and then seeing a band that I have wanted to see since 1998ish. EXCITING!

The adorable frozen yogurt place:
menchie's yogurt has an adorable logo.

The parking lot looks so fancy that it's hard to believe it's just a crummy parking lot:
shopping center parking lot looks so pretty.

And then it was time for Go Sailor. Very oddly, I ran into someone I know in NYC outside the show and he was playing in one of the reuniting bands (boyracer). What a small world! He was wearing an adorable jacket like a class jacket from the 50s/60s. It was not even 9 yet and the club told me GS was going on around 10 and Danny (who went last night) said they went on at 10:30. We walk in and they are setting up and about to play. Holy cow, what timing! I would have been so mad had I gotten there any later.

One bummer was that the shirts and buttons sold out the night before so there was nothing for me to scoop up. Dang! I got the limited, one sided 7" though. I guess that's something.

it's a fine day for sailing.

Kelley noted during the show that the songs would be much sadder if she didn't sing them so sweetly. That is one of my most favorite things about Go Sailor! Also, angry. They'd seem a lot more angry but she's all bubbly singing lines like "I won't wish, your plane down. Just this time, next time you won't be so lucky. I have no, sympathy, left for you. Please just pay me what you owe me." I love it.


I took a video (with cruddy sound) but it's not uploaded yet. An Asian teen came up to us and chatted us up about the show and asked us questions about our musical interests. He didn't seem to know about many of the bands but was dancing his butt off all night . He was pretty adorable. All dimples and braces. I hope that means the Go Sailor love is being spread to the next generation.


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