This year- Day two hundred and seventy four.
2010-03-30/4:31 a.m.

The "newness" of being out here has worn off now that I am considerably less busy and the interviews have dried up. Now I am panicking (the same panic, a new couch to panic on) about work and finding work and lining up more meetings and figuring out my life. I worry that Kelley will be annoyed by this in a few days and wondering why I'm out here... It is annoying. I get it.

There are social calls on the agenda and another 8 days of dental crap (exciting!) but then it's just car and taxes and dullsville. Then it's back to the east coast dull that is my life. Dull, rut, whatever you want to call it. At least I have easter candy to dull the dull feeling. And treadmilling to distract me.

No matter where I am though I make time for my Criminal Intent and you know what? I think they're killing off D'Onofrio this week and I am going to cry.


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