This year- Day two hundred and seventy six. (night owl)
2010-04-01/5:20 a.m.

night owl

At 10pm Sharona was all "Ack! I haven't even uploaded my photo of the day yet!" I laughed because I am the kind of person who updates my daily blog somewhere between 1-5am. She thought 10pm was late. Pssssh, amateur.

(go to to see her photos of the day)

Why am I always up so late? I have not been a natural early riser since I was around 10 years old. Where did that instinct go? I am impressed with myself because when I'm in LA I go to sleep by 3am and wake up by 10:30am nearly every day (if not earlier) as opposed to after 5/6am in NYC and then sleeping until 1pm. At least I'm getting daylight here. Not too shabby.

I think it's genetic and I'll continue to think that until someone presents me with better evidence.


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