This year- Days two hundred seventy seven and seventy eight. (The Boys are Back)
2010-04-03/10:41 a.m.

the boys are back

"The Boys are Back" is a movie about Clive Owen being a sad widower who is sexy. One of his kids is a little mopped top kid who is odd and the other is a little Ron Weasley without red hair. He's even English and goes to boarding school, he's just not a wizard.

The movie was all "based on a true story" but it wasn't any extraordinary story so that seems odd. I assume someone wrote it as a book (ie. the dad person) and that's how it's a thing that became a movie.

Some things made little sense and many loose ends remained at the end but the facts are facts; I love sexy widowers so this movie gets an A+. Clive Owen may be the ultimate in sexy widowers. Even if he became a slob who couldn't make sure his kids got haircuts and who hallucinated talking to his dead wife. All fine by me.

When Kelley and I went to blockbuster to pick up the movie the dude working was all "this movie is great." This was a young guy with an earring and a goatee. I immediately cracked up laughing. He then added "I love Clive Owen." I informed him that he and all women love Clive Owen. He did not understand what I meant so Kelley needled him about whether playing a widower made Owen even more charming and he was all "oh yeah." Maybe this bro-dude at blockbuster is my intended husband?!?

the boys are back


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