This Year- Day two hundred seventy nine. (Hot Tub Time Machine)
2010-04-04/3:48 a.m.

hot tub time machine

Me and the Kellies went to go see "Hot Tub Time Machine" tonight. It would have super funny stuff followed by super gross stuff. I would have preferred less gross stuff but I wasn't given the option.

The best part were these two old men sitting next to me (one chair over) who had messy white hair and one had a scraggely beard. They were comically out of place in the audience and hilarious. There was a Pepsi commercial before the movie that said something like "Pepsi nourishes America" or something and the bearded one was all "No they dont." That was what tipped me off to these guys.

Throughout they were laughing and joking. When Chevy Chase entered the scene they were all "Oh, that's what's his name, that jackassy guy.... Chevy Chase!" See? Hilarious!

At the end of the movie they immediately stood up to leave (one even said "oh, thank god" when the movie ended) but beardy stopped to talk to me.

Bearded old man- "Excuse me miss, can I ask you a question?"
Me (worried that he was going to ask something crazy)- "What?"
Bearded old man- "Do you sing? Are you a singer?"
Me- "What? Why?"
Bearded old man- "Just a question, do you sing?"
Me- "Kind of, I sing sort of, why?
Bearded old man- "You're an alto, right? You have a beautiful voice, you should be a singer."
Me- "I do sort of sing"
Bearded old man- "You shouldn't keep something like that a secret, young lady!" Then he laughed and walked out of the row.

The other guy then said as he passed by "alto, right? A strong voice with a lot of power?"

I laughed and told him no but maybe I should work on that and he told me I should.

How odd. Based on my laughing at the movie?? What if these guys are awesome music teachers? What if they have discovered some amazing talent inside me? Dang, anything can happen at a cheap screening of Hot Tub Time Machine. I am now poised to win American Idol.

I do not have a particularly strong singing voice. I didn't know how to break it to these happy strangers.


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