This Year- Day two hundred and eighty four. (Chubs for a Day)
2010-04-09/4:41 a.m.

nap, little buddy.
Today I babysat for a cute baby named Chubs while I did my taxes. He was a stoic little man and didn't even openly weep when Sharona left for rehearsal. He did look shocked... then confused, but not to worry, he found solace in a rogue piece of Sandy's food he found under the counter. What a brave soul!

Then he napped on me and watched 90210 for an hour before heading to Sandy's bed and sleeping for several more hours. He and Sandy are buddies but every so often he gets into his head that he's going to hump her and he just goes for it. They are both fixed. It's so weird! At the end of his respite here Sandy trotted off to Kelley's bedroom to nap in the human bed and Chubs tried to sneak off after her. A moment later I hear her snap at him and then he came trotting back in with his head hung low... Oh Chubs, take a hint.

sandy wants food.

My taxes are nearly finished but there is one glitch with CA state return that is hanging everything up. Tomorrow I will troubleshoot it and hopefully get that taken care of while also booking my return flight to NYC. Next week! I will have to have band practice, sleep in my own bed and wear the clothes that I haven't seen in weeks. What boring excitement!

I have still not found out about the job that is looming over my head and that could start next week and I still have not signed a contract in regards to my other "job." A lot of hurry up and wait over here.

The weird thing is that I've had my tax information since January and put off doing them because I was sure I would owe money and I was in no hurry to pay it. Today I found out that I am getting a thousand dollars back. Doh! I should have filed sooner! Procrastination sometimes has a dark underbelly that no one warns you about.

he cannot believe what's happening on this 90210.


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