This year- Days two hundred eighty eight and eighty nine.
2010-04-14/4:58 a.m.


It seems like I've been busier this year than I actually have been. I haven't worked more than 2 days since January. No exaggeration.

I have had tons of meetings and calls though so it gives the appearance of busy and success without being either. My family thinks that since I am in LA and in meetings that I am working. Oh family, you are so wrong. It feels like work, and I am doing work but I am not getting paid.

Something is buzzing with one of my own ideas and so now I have lawyer emails and signing stuff and meetings and STILL NO MONEY but it feels like a path to something so I feel happier than usual.

I have charged so many things to my credit card lately that I am waiting for American Express to call me and ask if it was lost or stolen. Soon it will all hit me and I'll have a panic attack about it.


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