This year- Days two hundred ninety two and ninety three. (home sweet home)
2010-04-18/3:00 a.m.

Back in NYC. Landed without incident but I felt like crap for part of the plane ride and probably slept less on this plane ride than any other in my life. I don't know what the deal was!

I then slept on my couch for 5 hours before band practice. Practice was not my most shining moment. I was so out of it and tired but I pushed through. Around 6pm I fell asleep again with some zyrtec in my brain. Good times. I had a dream that someone told me that my hair looks awful and that I need a haircut. I do! And it does! Dreams know everything.

It was great to see Danny and Kelly. I think the show tomorrow will be aces. Even though I don't know what time it is or where the venue is or who most of the other bands are. I am just going to coast through it on a cloud of zyrtec and rice krispie treats.


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