This year- Day two hundred and ninety four. (Bodacious)
2010-04-21/2:46 a.m.

Watching tv with other Kelly when I passed this in the guide in she pointed it out.

fifteen MORE bodacious backyards?!?

There is a show called "15 more bodacious backyards." THERE IS A SHOW CALLED "15 MORE BODACIOUS BACKYARDS." What a world we live in!

Fine Living (the network) is going under soon and it's hard to understand why when you see this kind of quality programming they have going on. Can you imagine if you're number 16 so you just miss being in 15 bodacious backyards and you have to wait for the sequel? The horror.

And finally, why is Mark Ruffalo not married to me? That's weird, right? That he's not married to me. Someone should alert him to this oversight.


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