This year- Days two hundred ninety five and six. (Melted hearts)
2010-04-23/3:20 a.m.

lillie does an impression of me.

I spent my afternoon with Bain and Lillie. Firstly, his hair has grown too much. It's all messy and in his eyes. He had to actually hold it out of his eyes at one point while he ate oreos ("It's so my hair doesn't get in the oreos"). It's very pretty though. I predict tiny hipster modeling agencies scouting him any minute.

They both told me that they wish I was still picking them up at school and that was sweet. I think it has more to do with the fact that they dislike their current babysitter but I'll takes what I can gets. Their babysitter watches tv and doesn't help them with their homework though, which really made me angry when Bain told me that. There's nothing I can do about it but have general anger though.

When Bain told me that I helped him learn to write essays and that he misses me my heart melted and then I forgot that he was ten minutes late meeting me and forgave him for anything jerky he's ever done. This is how sweet kids and cute dogs get through life.


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