This year- Day two hundred ninety seven. (Kathy Cappucino)
2010-04-24/2:52 a.m.

they got a hamster and i drew them this.

RIP Kathy Cappucino, world's greatest hamster. She died on Monday night. Lillie told me that she got sick and died and that Brandon was the only one around. Bain later told me that she basically had diarrhea to death, and that it's called "wet tail." Um, I like Lillie's sugar coating of it better. Neither of them appear to be devastated.

Lillie- "The good part is that we get to get a new hamster."
Me- "But it probably won't be as awesome as Kathy."
Lillie- "But it might be even MORE awesome."

Aww, poor Kathy.


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