This year- Days three hundred and ten and eleven. (Hey dummy)
2010-05-08/3:49 a.m.

dennis 30 rock

On older episodes of Law and Order SVU the guy who played Dennis on 30 Rock (Liz Lemon's terrible boyfriend who called her dummy all the time) was a detective. He was replaced by Ice-T. I can't take him seriously. He was simply too funny on 30 Rock I guess. He will forever be the beeper king to me.


The thing about dieting is that it sucks. You are hungry a lot of the time and sore from exercising a lot of the time. That is how 2-3 weeks go before your body gets used to it. I am 2 weeks in (ish) and I ate a dinner of a tuna steak and roasted cauliflower tonight and was all stuffed from it. Clearly my body is adjusting to the food reduction. Good sign!

Commercials for diets always say how "easy!" and "fast!" they are because the real truth is that dieting is shitty and takes time. No one likes doing shitty things that take time- that is just human nature.

ps. Just to make myself laugh I will point out here that Jenni finds Dennis on 30 Rock attractive. She thinks he's better than Mr. Handsome from Mad Men and Cleveland Floyd. Hee hee hee.


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