This year- Days three hundred twelve and thirteen. (mother's day)
2010-05-10/3:02 a.m.

Stripper moms can rest easy this Mother's Day knowing a full recovery is expected for Bret Michaels

If my mom had email, that would have been the card I sent her today. She doesn't, so she got a boring card in her flowers instead.

My mom was really young when she had me and when you look at the old photos, it's kind of scary to think of HOW young. Jeez louise, no wonder she thinks it's crazy that I don't have kids yet.

me, my sister, our mom- the plaid years

My mom and I are not close. We have had roughly a bajillion huge fights in my life. She lies all the time, about nearly everything, and wasn't around for large chunks of my childhood. When we were kids she would make plans to do fun stuff with us all the time and then cancel the night before (or the minute before, depending), like clockwork. We never stopped believing her and we never stopped being heartbroken when she didn't come through. It stinks. It's a big reason why I don't like lying and plans being blown off now. One time we had the entire car packed to go visit grandma and grandpa and were getting gas before getting on the road when she decided that it would be a bad time to go so we should skip it. I was so mad.

There have been times when I have found myself being completely irrational and unhinged and was most panicked because I realized that I was acting like her. Terrifying! Once it even happened in front of Sarah and she flat out told me that I was acting like mom. "Acting like mom" is like the worst thing either of us could ever tell each other so it was sobering indeed.

But she will always be my mom and so I sent her flowers and called her. I hope she had a good day.


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