This year- Day three hundred and seventeen. (Law and Order)
2010-05-14/12:53 a.m.

law and order

I think I am unhappy with my haircut. I am generally incredibly easy to please when it comes to haircuts so it's odd for me to think this. Also, Walton has been cutting my hair very well for a few years so it's new territory. I am feeling kind of diva-like for feeling this way!

It was fine when I left... but after walking around in the wind for an hour it looked uneven and shorter than I wanted. I don't know if it's just because it's a mess or because it's actually messed up. It being uneven is not so strange since my hair grows uneven in clumps so it's hard to keep track of... but if he has to cut it shorter to even it up I will not be thrilled- it will then be even shorter than I wanted (I am in the middle of growing it out).

On the plus side he did an excellent job on the bangs so I will always have that. My hair is also very forgiving so I may very well wake up tomorrow with it looking good again.

Law and Order was canceled today. It's been on for 20 years of my life. End of an era!


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