This year- Day three hundred and eighteen. (crazy people sure are crazy)
2010-05-15/2:55 a.m.

What the fuck?

Today I headed into the city at 6:30 to meet Joyce for a drink. I got off the L train at first avenue to walk down to Houston for our drinks. I had headphones in and music playing so when I saw this guy yelling at some young dudes, I didn't even hear what he was saying and just walked by and continued up the stairs.

He kept yelling apparently and then went through the turnstyle and walked up to me and kicked me hard in the right shin. WHAT?! I took out my headphones and loudly asked him what the fuck he was doing. The guys he had been yelling at before had stopped and were watching too but he just walked on and kept muttering about me.

He chose to walk up the right stairs so I chose the left to just get away from him. Of course, at 1st avenue, no matter which way you exit you're fairly near each other when you get outside. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and just ignored him. How did he deal with that? He ran up and kicked me in the back. WHAT?!!? I stopped, and screamed "WHY ARE YOU HITTING ME?" so that everyone around would know that he was hitting me. The guys from before were waiting to cross the street and turned around again and were also like WTF? but didn't step in or anything.

I told him not to touch me again and looked around to see if a cop car was sitting around that corner (you never know). He was all "I never touched you, I see what you're doing" like I was the crazy one. He went to cross west while I waited to go south. As he was walking I hear him mutter "she's still doing it, I SEE HER DOING IT, standing there wearing a black sweater, SHE'S STILL DOING IT." Was it my black cardigan that was driving him crazy?!? I guess?

At that point he ran back to the corner I was on yelling that he was going to break my jaw. I pulled out my phone and told him that I was going to call the police if he touched me again or continued to follow me. He said "I never touched you, if I hit you you wouldn't be standing" all snide. He also kept telling me not to yell. Hells no. That's the last thing I was going to do. I wanted every single person to know that he was batshit and attacking me. I also yell loudly about pervs on the subway. Note, no one standing on this crowded corner has said a word to him, including the people who saw him kick me twice. The walk sign had come up and I started to walk with the crowd and he stayed but I was nervous the whole time that he was following. When I got across the street I stopped to make sure he wasn't still there, waiting to hit me in the back again. I saw him back on the old corner and was relieved but wished that I had taken a photo of him when I had my phone out to send to the police just in case he ever actually breaks someone's jaw. Ah well.

I was so angry. I walked all the way to meet Joyce in a rage. I guess that's a good sign that I react well when a stranger attacks me in public and don't shut down. But I am still kind of angry. Fuck that guy completely. I also remember everything about what he looked like and was wearing. My Law and Order training has really paid off!

When I told Joyce what happened she was all "you never know when someone like that is going to have a knife or something." I had not even thought about that. Ugh. I got pretty tipsy tonight and hung out with a lot of friends that I don't hang out with often and now I am feeling a bit more relaxed about the whole thing.


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