This year- Day three hundred and twenty five. (The Man with Two Brains)
2010-05-23/5:28 a.m.

man with two brains

It is 530 am and I am wide awake. I got four hours of sleep today and then took an hour long nap. I walked 7 miles in an attempt to tire myself and have also taken half a zyrtec so I hope to sleep for 8 straight hours again like my old self. Technically, my old self was more into sleeping for 9 straight hours when I didn't set an alarm. Bah!

I need a job. Everything surrounding that topic makes me want to vomit. I don't know what I can do about it, which is part of what is so awful.

Sarah's neighbors had a 12 hour raging kegger on her roof so she came over again to shower (their rager took place in full view of her shower window so she didn't want to get in, haha) and eat dinner. I made some salmon and we watched the Man with Two Brains. That movie is a classic! I laughed and laughed. Kathleen Turner totally steals it.

Perhaps the funniest line in it is when some guy offers her 15,000 dollars to touch her butt and Steve Martin walks in on it happening and is pissed. She then delivers the gold of "YOU DON'T WANT ME TO WORK!" I die every time. (Sidenote, what a great job that would be. It's too bad it's not real. One butt touch is worth 15k, heck yeah!)

In another fight this amazing exchange happens:
Kathleen Turner- If you lay ONE finger on me, I'll kill you.
Steve Martin- You kill me and I'll see that you never work in this town again!!
Kathleen Turner- Nobody's going to keep MEEE from working in this town!

man with two brains


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