This year- Days three hundred twenty six and twenty seven.
2010-05-26/2:27 a.m.

Insomnia is over apparently. I know this because I slept for 12 hours, having vivid dreams, today. I even woke up for ten minutes, got the mail and took a vitamin and then passed out again.

The stress isn't over though. Danny has shingles and the doctor told him it was stress but he's having a pretty good time right now and is really laid back. This makes me wonder why I haven't had shingles for most of my life. It does explain my fingernail biting situation.

One of the dreams I had today was a classic. I was in high school but I was me today. I was told that I had to take all of the classes that I took senior year and get the same grades in them in order to get credit for them.

I immediately panicked about how I can't do calculus anymore.


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