This year- Days three hundred twenty eight, twenty nine and thirty.
2010-05-29/2:37 a.m.

kansas city

Between having terrible days and traveling, I skipped more entries than intended.

Wednesday was full of job calls which was enough to make me feel a little better about myself. It was also a day when I cashed a check I really needed, walked forever in the stinking humidity and band practiced. All good stuff in the overall scheme of things.

Thursday was full of interviews not happening, calls backs not happening and playing the worst show of my life. Ugh, Thursday was bad.

Then I stayed up all night (due to stress and being worried that I'd oversleep) and left at 5:45am for the airport to fly home for the weekend.

One job finally called and put me on a soft hold for..... MONDAY. When I am out of town. I can do it but I'd have to change some plans. No word back on whether or not it's become an actual hold so I haven't changed my flight and am just sitting tight.

As soon as I make a plan to be out of town, even for a weekend, I get a job call. The universe is a jerk.


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