This year- Days three hundred thirty three and thirty four. (Memorial Day Fun Times)
2010-06-03/12:31 a.m.

The Sunday/Monday entry that never posted:

Holy crap! Teresa and Robert invited me to a party tonight (Sunday) at their gay friends' house on Black Swan Lake.... it is a heavenly little hamlet. Teresa warned me that I would be mad with jealousy... and she knows me well. I was dying.

the house in the trees.

The awesome patio and huge kitchen. Not pictured- the three balconies, including a private "martini room" for two.
the party.

Oh, and it's on this lake. GRRRRRRRR
pool, lake, amazing.

Ana made us s'mores. She got really good at making them to order. I got home and Valorie and dad were all "make us some!" Too late, suckers. You snooze, you lose.
ana became our personal marshmallow chef.

I went out for Mexican food with Jeremy, his friend Hyla who was in town, and the two little ladies.

pouting because she just got into trouble.



So many photos have been uploaded from the weekend. Click on any of those to go to my flickr page to see the wondrous forms! Elizabeth posing with everything found at a table! Teresa in her wedding best! Trees and stuff!

Not a terrible trip but man, being at my dad's house was not fun. Everything else was excellent.


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