This year- Days three hundred thirty nine and forty. (Down with Jerks)
2010-06-07/10:26 a.m.

Working with an asshole is the worst.

There is this camera man who is like 60 who hates me and who is impossible to talk to. It made me consider leaving this job yesterday or at least swapping things around so I never have to deal with this jerk. I was venting to a lady I work with and she revealed that he makes really creepy/sexual comments to her. We determined that he's rude or gross to every lady at work.... how charming. I think that he misses those glory days of the 70s and 80s when it was rare to even run into a lady on a set.

Actual interactions had with him:

We are told that lunch is over for our team. He says we have 30 more minutes.

Me: I don't have to go back then, since I won't have a camera to watch (I follow a camera all day and it's been him.... ughx1000)
Jerk: Don't even compare yourself to me, Missy, I'm important to this production and you're not.

What?!? Apparently once shows are filmed they just magically make themselves into shows. Producers are unnecessary! Oh, and also, I was comparing myself to him. Did anyone see where I did that? Yeah.... I didn't.

Sound Guy: I've been running sound for 15 years
Jerk: Only 15?
Sound Guy: well, this is my 16th (seems to be annoyed at the guy now too)
Me to Sound Guy: You're such a baby in the world of sound operating, call me when you have 50 years under your belt
Jerk as he was leaving the room: He doesn't have a baby job you have a baby's job.


He takes any opportunity to just say mean things to me whether it makes sense or not. I don't even speak around him at this point, which is not good since it means I can't tell him to do things or make sure he's listening to story. I was simmering with rage yesterday for an hour so I started venting to KL and Sarah via text. Sarah hilariously was all "if anyone could put him in his place, it would be you." Yeah, in some ways, but I am trying to be professional.

Instead the lady complained about his weird comments and mentioned what he had said to me and the show runner called him a cocksucker, apologized to me and replaced him.


Knowing that it's his last day has made everything better. Sunshine and roses and lollipops.

*Edit* I was just informed that seeing how he treated me was what pushed the showrunner over the edge on replacing him. In your face, jerk! Being the bigger person wins!


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