This year- Days three hundred forty four and forty five. (you're fired)
2010-06-11/12:00 p.m.

man with two brains

Wednesday I had a weird day at work and just the sheer fact that I had no day off and was burning out, really started to get to me. It really hit home that I miss having someone to decompress to at the end of a rough day. It would be nice to have someone around again... though I am not doing anything to make that really happen in any long term kind of way.

Thursday got even weirder when I got to work and was in the middle of working, in a van to go to the next shoot, when I was pulled from the van and fired. I had never been fired before so I was in shock... but then when I was told the reason I was in double shock.

It turns out there is tainted energy around me and the psychic claims that she would not be able to do readings with my energy getting in her way. What can you even say to that? The show runner who had to tell me was clearly having a hard time but as I said to him "what can I say to that?" because she basically threatened the shoots using her energy powers. I knew there was nothing that could be done and that he had already tried. Suddenly it became clear why the last crew had incredibly high turnover.

I packed up my stuff and left and no one had any idea what happened. I got hilarious texts the rest of the day from the crew etc... to the tune of "where are you? we're in the van" and then several work emails at night as though everyone still thinks I'm working.

Whatever. I had never been fired before and I really hate not finishing things through to the end so it upset me. The World Cup starts today and I was bummed about working during it so there is a silver lining. It's just weird and I don't want people thinking that I'm incompetent.

Now I'm home in my pajamas as it was meant to be. I need another job and I need some stability in my life. Fat chance of that happening, I know.


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