This year- Day three hundred forty six and forty seven.
2010-06-13/4:40 p.m.

Thursday would have been Mike's and my 10th anniversary but now it will be known as the day I got fired. That day has got to be cursed now, right? How many more bad memories will I be able to associate with it in the coming years? Only time will tell!

A friend got engaged that night as well... I hope she doesn't know that it's a cursed day.

I am hilariously involved in all these weddings/engagements while I am alone, not planning anything of my own and now have a friend going through an awful divorce. Talk about the whole range of the spectrum.

I don't even know what I want or care about anymore. I am watching a True Life about having broke parents and it's not helping things. Sarah was over on Friday to watch soccer and this was recording. Sarah: "I don't wanna watch that, it hits too close to home."

She was right.


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