This year- Days three hundred forty eight and forty nine. (Her?! Why?)
2010-06-15/12:27 a.m.

holding hands

Jenny is engaged.

Horrible, horrible Jenny. She's a terrible person, treats her guy like crap and is more immature than most children. Someone wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

When she got with this boyfriend she systematically made it impossible for him to have friends, made his family think she was a demanding shrew and then bossed him around whenever they were in public to emasculate him as much as possible.

How is she rewarded for being such a charming specimen of woman? By being proposed to, of course!

What the hell is wrong with that picture? And no, she's not incredibly super gorgeous. She is averagely pretty with a terrible personality- what is the draw, fellas? She is always in a relationship and is about to be married. Why is this considered hot property?

I am offended on the behalf of all ladies who are smart and funny and pretty and who let their boyfriends have friends (wow, how generous) and who can manage meeting their guy's parents without them being told to never bring you back to their house again.

When I was with Mike, he loved to punish me for things his crazy ex girlfriend had done. She didn't like him having most of his friends so when I didn't like one creepy guy with a mail order wife (yes, one of his friends is a creepy guy with a mail order wife) he was all "tough" and kept hanging out with him. He wasn't going to have another girlfriend telling him what to do! No way! You know what else he said about the crazy ex? That he thought he was going to marry her.

I realize that I am not one of those ladies who is going to be proposed to over and over again (or maybe even once) but why are these ladies so often the belle of the ball? And why are guys so often into this? You never hear a dude saying that he's looking for a shrew to control him and make his life lonely but then you see guys going for this type of lady all the time. When I hear guys I know say they love crazy girls (Johnny, I am looking in your direction) I can't even pretend it's funny anymore.

Then again, I could just become a crazy person who is super jealous and controlling and emasculating and who makes a guy feel like I am the only thing hey have left in the world so they better do what they can to keep me or they'll have nothing in the end- and probably end up engaged within a year.

Too bad I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

/end rant.


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