This year- Days three hundred fifty six and fifty seven. (Busy busy bee)
2010-06-23/4:30 a.m.

So many people are in town this week. Dinner with Nicole and James last night and then hanging out with Danny at the Tommy's Tavern show afterwards. I missed her band though, doh.

Tonight I was three hours late to the show but still saw the Zatopecs and met some dude here from Australia to see bands. Sebby dropped the news that they are leaving tomorrow afternoon instead of Thursday afternoon- bummer! Since I was late that means I only got like 2 hours of Sebby this year. Not enough!

Tomorrow is Dirt Bike Annie reunion, and who knows what else. I also have work to do and must do like four hundred loads of laundry to get the pee and dog hair out of my apartment. Oh, and four world cup games to watch.

I am unemployed and yet busy as heck. How does this happen? Thanks to Zyrtec, I slept for three hours this evening by accident and then was loopy the rest of the night. My eyes stopped pouring water though, which was definitely a plus.

Goodnight, world.


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