This year- Day three hundred fifty eight. (Dirt Bike Annie)
2010-06-24/2:25 a.m.

(Holy cow, google image searching Dirt Bike Annie brings up a lot of odd old memories... like the Hissyfits tour website haha)

Dirt Bike Annie played tonight! I partied like it was 2001ish. Mikey sang the Jeanie parts (sometimes) and Dan was hilariously trying to get the dance moves right. It was so so fun. I have seen them 10+ times in the past but not since 2003, I think, so it was good times and good memories. Adam is almost a father of two and yet he's become a mod muppet who seems to be de-aging. It's fascinating. Soon the Dirt Bike Annie babies will be able to form an adorable band not unlike the Muppet Babies.

So many people were out and in town and it was like a summer camp reunion. I'm sure that's what all weekend will be like for the people going to Baltimore but since I won't be joining them it was all I got. That's fine with me!

I am procrastinating the work I have to do in a bad way. I don't know why. Self sabotage? Maybe! I have to go and pick up the camera tomorrow and get it moving. Joshua and I have been playing terrible phone tag all week instead of actually talking to each other about the shoot. It's all stupid and easily solved but I just keep not solving it. Tomorrow I will get it all together and planned. This, I swear.

Mikey dropped the bomb that he's turning 30 this year. Mikey is a giant child so that blew my freaking mind. To his credit, it's blowing his too. Dan was all "your 30s are great!" but I said "you just have to grow up." He was all "I don't want to!!" It's true, he doesn't want to. He then pointed out a creepy dude we know who's like 50, dating a 21 year old. Don't aspire to be him, I yelled! I fear that I was yelling it on deaf ears. Ahhhh, men children. Will they ever grow up?


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