This year- Days three hundred sixty and sixty one. (Veselka)
2010-06-27/2:51 a.m.

stuff your face!

I had a job interview this week and because the guy had just flown in from LA, and didn't have a local office, we met at Veselka. Veselka is where Mike and I went on our first date.

As it turned out, Mike went to Veselka all the time. When they renovated in early 2000, they included a mural that clearly included him eating and reading the paper. He made an impression!

It's something you can't help but see when you walk in there so I braced myself slightly without even really thinking about it. That is, not until I saw that the mural was GONE! There is some new, boring art on the walls that is totally different. Mike's reign of terror over Veselka is over. There is now no sign that he used to spend several meals a week there. It's the little things.

The interview went pretty well I think.


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